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Timeline of the Monmouth rebellion and the wars of the Grand Alliance and the Spanish Succession


1685 Battle of Sedgemoor Death of Charles II.
Accession of James II.
Monmouth's Rebellion
Revocation of the Edit of Nantes
1686 League of Augsberg formed Tune Lilliburlero
1687 Declaration of Indulgence Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematica
1688 Louis XIV invades Palatinate James II Deposed
"Glorious Revolution"
Start of the War of the League of Augsberg
Dampier explores Australia
1689 Siege of Londonderry
Battle of Killiecrankie
Accession of William & Mary
Bill of Rights
Louis XIV declares war on Spain & England
League of Augsberg becomes the Grand Alliance
Purcell's Dido & Aeneas, first English opera
Racine's Esther
1690 Battle of Beachy Head
Battle of the Boyne
John Lock's Essay Concerning Human Understanding
1691 Treaty of Limerick
1692 Massacre at Glencoe
Battle of la Hogue
Battle of Steinkirk
Lloyd's coffee house begins marine insurance
1693 Battle of Landen National Debt created
1694 Naval attack on Brest Death of Mary II
Triennial Act
Bank of England founded
Chelsea Hospital opened
1695 Capture of Namur
1696 Eddystone Lighthouse built
1697 Treaty of Ryswick ends War of the Grand Alliance St Paul's Cathedral opens for services
Perrault's Fairy Tales published
Whitehall Palace burnt down
1698 Scottish attempt to settle Darien
1700 William Congreve's Way of the World
Old Moore's Almanac first published
1701 Death of James II
Act of Settlement
Yale University founded as Collegiate School of America
1702 Capture of Leige Death of William III
Accession of Queen Anne
Marlborough made Captain General
War of the Spanish Succession starts
1704 Capture of Gibraltar
Battle of Blenheim
1705 Vanbrugh starts building Blenheim Palace
1706 Battle of Ramilles
Battle of Turin
John Evelyn stopped writing his Diary
1707 Battle of Alamanza Act of Union George Farquhar's Beaux Strategem
1708 Battle of Oudenarde
1709 Capture of Tournai
Battle of Malplaquet
The Tatler starts
1710 Impeachment of Dr Sacheverell South Sea Company formed
First Copyright Act
1711 Marlborough dismissed Alexander Pope's Essay on Criticism
The Spectator starts
1712 John Bull character first appears
1713 Treaty of Utrecht ends War of the Spanish Succession
1714 Death of Queen Anne